About the Executive Team

Tony Goosmann

Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Goosmann has spent 30 years in the life sciences working with a variety of companies from startups to large multinational pharmaceutical companies. His areas of focus include oncology drug development and commercialization as well as introducing new and disruptive technology into the healthcare environment.

Barry Holtz

R. Barry Holtz, Ph.D.

Chief Science and Technology Officer

Dr. Holtz is a Co-Founder of G-CON,LLC and also serves as the Chief Science and Technology Officer for Caliber Biotherapeutics. Dr. Holtz was the Senior Vice President of Biopharmaceutical Development for Large Scale Biology Corporation (LSBC) for 15 years and was an integral member of the management team that successfully took the company from a start-up to a publicly-traded company. Dr. Holtz was responsible for the product development, long-term regulatory strategy, and clinical development and manufacturing compliance of the company’s proprietary therapeutics portfolio. He has extensive expertise in providing consulting services to the biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing industry including the design, validation, and quality systems development for personalized cancer therapies and other biologics. Dr. Holtz has held research management positions at Foremost-McKesson and was on the faculty of Ohio State University. He received his Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University and was an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Dr. Holtz has been awarded 23 U.S. patents and has published more than 50 scientific papers. He was awarded the Pennsylvania State University, Outstanding Alumni Award in 2003.