• Caliber Biotherapeutics is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company dedicated to delivering new, more effective vaccines and biotherapeutics.

  • We leverage multiple manufacturing and development platforms such as plants, cell culture and microbial production of biotherapeutics in addition to using modular, flexible and disposable production technologies.

  • We maintain strategic alignments with clinical phase contract research organizations (CROs) to support the design and implementation of clinical phase trials for our target candidate development programs.

  • Our strategic objectives center around pioneering new biotherapeutic treatments with increased safety and effectiveness, while reducing both costs and development time.

  • Caliber Biotherapeutics is dedicated to the development of novel therapeutic proteins and vaccines to improve the health and quality of life of our future patients.

2014 Pharmaceutical Processing Facility Excellence Award Recipient

Caliber Biotherapeutics, LLC is a biotechnology company based in Bryan, Texas with a mission to develop and commercialize protein-based therapeutics that improve outcomes for patients with cancer and other diseases. The Company utilizes technological innovations in biological research, product development and manufacturing to create treatments with increased safety and effectiveness--while reducing both costs and development time.

Caliber has created a highly attractive pipeline of cancer therapeutics using the monoclonal antibody-interferon fusion protein technology through a joint venture with ImmunGene, Inc. (Thousand Oaks, CA, www.immungene.com). The joint venture, launched as Valor Biotherapeutics (www.valorbiotherapeutics.com), will develop three cancer fusion proteins targeting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and breast cancers.

Caliber has created a pipeline of biobetter products applying its expertise in the Nicotiana benthamiana plant-based expression and manufacturing of recombinant proteins. Caliber operates the world’s largest N. benthamiana expression based protein manufacturing facility in College Station, Texas. Under a DARPA challenge, the company has demonstrated the ability to rapidly produce substantial quantities of influenza vaccine antigen using this facility. Caliber’s technologies were supported by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institution of Texas (CPRIT), DARPA and several Texas based life sciences investors.

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