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Our goal is to provide a directory of every safe CBD product and company that you can trust. We know that over 70% of CBD products online are mislabeled, and customers need a way to find out who they can trust as their source of CBD. We review and lab test each brand before featuring them on our site so you can be confident that your product is accurately labeled and safe.

The brands and products on our site must meet our quality requirements which ensures the products meet our high standard and provides a safe and effective experience. These requirements include being lab tested to verify the labels, being locally  grown organically and not imported, and the CBD must be extracted and made without the use of harmful chemicals and additives and much more!

Our team of specialists keeps the blog updated on the CBD news and provides you with many resources to learn about CBD and the many uses of Hemp.

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We review the top CBD brands online and thoroughly break each of them down in our reviews to determine which ones are safe and help our users determine the best source to get their CBD from.

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Our blog is actively updated to provide information on all things CBD and Hemp. Learn about CBD and the many different uses and stay up to date!

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