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CBD Pure Review


CBD Pure Review

  • Brand Quality 100%
Pure Hemp Botanicals review
  • Brand Quality 100%
Pure Hemp Botanicals review
  • Brand Quality 100%

CBD Brands

Above you’ll find the five brands that we give reviews about. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to reading this information, here’s some info that should get you going. First and foremost, here’s the reason why us here at Caliber Bio do these reviews.

Why It’s Important to Purchase from a Good Source

Yet another thing that drives people away from CBD is how you have to purchase it. Online on sites that aren’t regulated by anything like the FDA. This turns people away because they don’t trust these sites, and they understandably don’t want to potentially consume something that may be harmful.

Because of that reason, you need to find a quality source so you can be sure the CBD product is free of contaminants and won’t harm you. That is why we provide you great online shops, as you don’t want to cause more harm to yourself by taking the wrong CBD product.

Also, if the CBD isn’t extracted properly, it can contain some trace amounts of THC in it, the most active compound in marijuana that gets you high. While these amounts wouldn’t be enough to intoxicate you, they still might be enough to show up on a drug test, which would be a problem for many people. We actually have a blog article on it, but most high-quality extracts won’t test positive for CBD, and all of the products we recommend definitely will not. So, you should know now how important having high-quality CBD is, so let’s get into some specifics of the brands we recommend and provide reviews on. 

Why Take CBD?

CBD is a medicine that can help treat a variety of conditions, most commonly anxiety, PTSD, cancer, pain management, epilepsy, addiction, sleep deprivation and much more. You can see it can treat mental or physical issues, as well as major or minor problems; it really just depends on the dosage. For all of the conditions listed, there are already dozens of pharmaceuticals and other medicines available on the market to treat them.

So, why CBD? For most people, it is because it is one of the most natural remedies available on the market. It is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in hemp leaves that is extracted and contains no other contaminants. Because of it being all-natural, your body will respond much better to it. You won’t get addicted, you won’t be impaired, and it is impossible to overdose on it. There are few prescriptions that can make that claim, and none can treat as many conditions as CBD.

However, taking CBD to treat medical conditions is not the only reason why it is used. Although that is its most common reason, some people prefer taking CBD just to relax and chill out. Although it is non-psychoactive, CBD has powerful effects with relaxing people’s mind and body. That is a large reason why many people take it for a variety of mental disorders and anxiety, but it can also be used if you are just feeling a little bit extra stressed out.

If CBD sounds like something you want to try, then definitely check out some of the shops we recommend. Here’s some more info on why it is crucial to make sure you are buying CBD products from a reputable shop.

Specific Brands

For the five products we offer, there are four brands. Here’s a little summary about each and what they offer.

CBD Pure: CBD pure is the best shop out there for CBD tinctures, which is oil that you drop under your tongue. It is one of the quickest ways to consume CBD and it can be done anywhere.

Pure Hemp Botanicals: They sell CBD crystals, which are the most potent and cost-effective forms of CBD. With crystals containing 98%+ CBD, you simply won’t find any other products with the high of potency.

CBD Infusionz: This shop is our recommended edible shop, with over 50 different types of candies, health bars, and more; all infused with CBD.

CBD Drip: CBD drip sells the highest quality of vape oil, which is the most common way people consume CBD. They also sell CBD capsules, which is CBD in pill form. Therefore, it is our online shop that we recommend that sells two products, which just speaks to its quality.

Why We Do This

CBD is a medicine that we are extremely passionate about, but unfortunately, it is not well-known to most people. Even worst, people who have heard of it think it is the exact same as smoking marijuana, which deters them due to preconceived notions they already have about marijuana. Another problem is that even for people who are educated and want to use CBD, it is difficult for them to get. You can’t get a prescription and many sites on the market are fraudulent and are risky to use.

We have taken the time to educate ourselves about CBD and we realize its huge medical potential and how it is far superior to nearly anything else available on the market. It is non-psychoactive, non-addictive, and non-lethal, while at the same time it can be used to treat dozens of various conditions. Here are some of the reasons why we strongly recommend people to use CBD for medicinal reasons.


That’s just a brief overview of the brands we offer and what you will find in our recommendations. If you’d like to learn more about each CBD brand, make sure to click the specific page for each. Also, if you aren’t really sure what CBD product is right for you, check out our product page to learn more.