CBD Brand Reviews

We go over every CBD brand online and thoroughly break each of them down in our brand reviews and rate them out of 10 to help our users determine the best source to get their CBD from.

Below are our highest rated brands.

CBD Infusionz Review

CBD Infusionz Full Review

Overall Rating: 5 star rating

CBD Drip Review

CBD Drip Full Review

Overall Rating: 5 star rating

How We Review Brands

Our goal is to review the popular CBD Companies online to determine how trustworthy and effective their CBD Products may be. We break down each CBD brand into 5 main components from which we determine an Overall Brand Rating which accurately summarizes the quality of each brand, and then you can see where they rank amongst other CBD Companies online.

  • Product Quality 100%

The first component of our reviews is the Quality of the Products that the CBD company produces. We will determine a score out of 100 based on the methods they use when producing the supplement, the quality of the ingredients they use, their packaging, and more such as providing the Nutritional Facts of the product and other details.  

  • CBD Quality 100%

The second component of our review is the Quality of the CBD that is used to infuse the products. This is determined by looking at the companies source of CBD, and if it is domestically grown in the United States or imported, Organically grown, Grown indoors or outdoors, and also the method that was used to extract the CBD. We require all the brands we review to have lab testing from a 3rd party and to also have a product that was made without the use of harmful chemicals and additives.

  • Value 100%

Affordability is a very important factor to take into consideration when reviewing a brand. We rate the companies out of 100 based on their price range, and also based ont the CBD value you get for your money. Brands that offer packages that are low priced and good for beginners to CBD aswell as packages for those that are looking for monthly supplies and everything inbetween will score higher. Companies with lower Price/CBD Ratios will also score higher, meaning you get the most for your money with these brands.

  • Customer Experience 100%

Customer Service is possibly the most important factor when rating a CBD Company as it determines the experience of a customer using their product or service. Taking into consideration everything from the ordering proccess online, the shipping courier and tracking ,the accessiblility of the companies staff to be contacted, to the overall experience of the CBD Product.

  • Overall Brand Rating 100%

This rating is an accurate representation of the brands overall performance and can be used to be compared to other brands online that we have reviewed to find out which source is most trusted, highest quality, and best for you. This Overall Rating score is determined by taking the average of the 4 main review factors which are Product Quality, CBD Quality, Value and Customer Experience.

Why its important to buy from a trusted source

It is important to make sure that you are buying your CBD Products from a trusted source because it is not regulated by the FDA or any other association, therefore there is no regulation insuring a safe market for these type of products. For that reason, we have created a directory for the Best CBD Companies online and offer reviews on each one so you can compare and see which one is right for you. Companies will often sell CBD Oil and other products that is derived from hemp extracts that are imported from countries such as Vietnam or China, where they are grown in factories with little regulation and extremely low quality standards, and are often times extracted using harmful chemicals and additives. 

CBD Product Reviews

It is our main goal to recommend the best source for each CBD Product available online.

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