CBD Oil during Pregnancy

    When a woman is pregnant, she must be very cautious as everything she consumes could potentially harm her baby. Women take extra care in making sure they do not put anything detrimental to the baby inside of their bodies. We have the main substances of course, alcohol, cigarettes and more but what about other substances that we know less about? What about cannabis-related products such as CBD oil? Many people swear by the effects of CBD, but is it safe for pregnancy? Many pregnant women today are wondering just that. 

Is CBD Oil Safe during Pregnancy

If you are considering using CBD oil during pregnancy then you should consult with your doctor first. Although only a few studies have been done, there is limited evidence supporting that CBD use during pregnancy will cause any complications, but it is still technically considered in the realm of “unknown and risky”. It is becoming very popular for mothers to use CBD as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals to alleviate some of the common symptoms such as morning sickness and pain. The endocannabinoid system plays an integral role of a developing fetus, which CBD is known to directly interact with to promote homeostasis.