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Official Best CBD Crystal Extract Available!                                                                  Product Review:5 Star review CBD Oil

CBD Crystals from Pure Hemp Botanicals is our #1 recommended brand of High Quality CBD Concentrates!

CBD Crystals are crystal rocks made up of 99% CBD content. The Crystals are intended to be smoked as a dab, or used to add some extra cannabidiol to a product. The CBD extract is produced from the certified Best Quality 100% organic medicinal hemp grown in Europe.

The CBD Crystal Product from Pure Hemp Botanicals are created with an extract process that does not use harmful additives and chemicals. CBD Crystals are the strongest CBD Product we have available, at 99% Pure CBD you are sure to intensely feel the beneficial effects of CBD as soon as it is inhaled. 

At Caliber Biotherapeutics, we recommend Pure Hemp Botanicals  for the best CBD Crystals available on the market.

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Today with the wide variety of brands available making CBD Crystals and concentrates, it is extremely important to be aware of the quality and information on the brand before buying.

Most companies will source their CBD extract from overseas factories in countries such as China and Vietnam, which have little manufacturing standards and extremely low quality industrial hemp with little to no CBD Content and harmful chemicals and additives. Meanwhile, Pure Hemp Botanicals ensures to use a high quality medicinal source of CBD!

At Caliber Biotherapeutics, We make sure that all the CBD Crystals we recommend are quality certified with lab testing and high manufacturing protocols, as well as medicinally grown hemp in European countries.


  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Cancer
  • PTSD


  • Reduce Nausea
  • Help Depression
  • Relieve Pain and Inflammation
  • Improve Mood
  • Provide Relaxation and Calmness

What Are CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are the most concentrated form of CBD that you will find on the market. The CBD crystals sold by Pure Hemp Botanicals contain 99%+ CBD, which is by far the highest concentration you will find in any CBD product.

As the name implies, CBD crystals, are found in a hard crystal form. They are broken apart and consumed in two different ways, which we’ll talk about next.

Effects of Using CBD Crystals

One of the biggest reason why CBD crystals are used commonly by CBD patients is that CBD crystals allow you to feel the effects of CBD immediately. As we already mentioned, they are most commonly vaped or dabbed, and inhaling any substance is the quickest way to get it into your system.

CBD is no different, and CBD crystals are the most potent form of CBD. Due to this two facts, CBD crystals are the strongest way to consume CBD. Even though it has an extremely high potency, they still will not impair you. No form of CBD will and you will be able to go about your normal day-to-day life while using them.

After most people consume CBD, they report feeling much more relaxed, calm, and happier. It also reduces nausea and pain, and it really just makes you day seem to flow by easier and just puts you in a better mood. Because of these generic effects, CBD crystals are used to treat many common conditions, and we’ll talk about some that are commonly treated with crystals later on.

How to Use CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are used in two common ways; either vaping in a vape pen, or dabbing. Don’t worry if you have no idea what either of those terms mean. Luckily for you, we already have an entire article dedicated to how to properly use CBD crystals, that you can read here. There are two main ways to consume these crystals. Smoking them by methods such as vapping or taking a dab are the best ways, and I’ll explain how to do both. There also are many products that you can mix them into which I’ll also explain later.

Why Pure Hemp Botanicals makes the Best CBD Crystals

At Caliber Biotherapeutics, We rate Pure Hemp Botanicals as the best CBD Crystals online. Their choice of high quality 100% organic medicinally grown hemp in Europe leads to them having the most pure and effective CBD Crystal extract product. Their CBD is extracted from the hemp and turned into 99% isolate, where it can then be smoked in a Dab rig or added to any smoking device of your choice. They offer 3 different sizing options you can buy 250mg, 500mg, and and a 1 gram CBD crystal. All their products are certified lab tested and 100% organic with no added chemicals or harmful additives. Full Brand Review


CBD Crystals are Legal in the United States

The CBD Crystals are made from imported extracts of the legal hemp plant, containing 0% THC making them 100% legal in all 50 states of America. Regular usage of these CBD products even after months of regular dosage will not appear on a drug test.  These products are completely safe to consume as they contain no psychoactive elements and only an uplifting feeling benefiting your mood and contains medicinal benefits such as pain and stress relief and a general uplifted body feeling.

Buy CBD Crystals Online

The problem with people using CBD Crystals is that many of them have absolutely no idea where to get it and which products are the best. Here at Caliber Biotherapeutics, it’s our goal to direct you to the absolute top products available anywhere on the market and tell you all about  them.

If you want the most highest quality pure CBD crystals, we recommend getting them from Pure Hemp Botanicals. As the name suggests, these crystals are 98-99% CBD; as good as you can possibly get in this industry. They have the newest and best extraction process and they grow all of their own hemp, making sure it is only of the purest quality.

You’ll notice that you can buy these in three different sized packages: 250mg for $19.95, 500mg for $27.95, and 1 gram for $39.95. These are some of the best deals you can get on pure CBD like this and the multiple sizes are perfect if you are a beginner or have used CBD for a while. As most people take around 10-15mg a day at most, these packages will last the standard user for weeks.

CBD Crystals and Drug Testing

The biggest question people have when talking about using and buying CBD crystals is if they are legal or not. You should check with your specific country’s regulations, but in the U.S. and in many others, CBD products are fully legal. You can buy it online and in some smoke shops, so it is a non-concern. Also, all of the brands that you see on Caliber Biotherapeutics are of the highest of quality CBD extracts, which means that they contain no THC. This means if you use any of these products, none of them will show up on a CBD drug test.

Advantages of CBD Crystals

The CBD Crystals high potency is the biggest reason why people use them. You won’t find a higher percentage of CBD in any form or product. This is why many users that have been using CBD for a while use the crystal products. As your tolerance will increase over time as you use CBD and these concentrates are great for that because of their extremely high potency making them very strong. It’s extremely popular with regular users, but they may be a little too much for just the average or beginning user.

CBD Crystals are also the cheapest way to purchase CBD as 1 gram of pure cbd goes for around $40. Compare that with a gram of CBD capsules going for around $80, or a gram of cbd edibles running you close to $200 and you can see how these are such a good deal. They are also the purest form of CBD you can get, so they will work much better.

One last awesome benefit of these is that they are extremely versatile. You can make them in many ways and I’ll talk about the specifics of those in the section on How to Use Them.

Disadvantages of CBD Crystals

CBD Crystals have both pros and cons just like every other method of using CBD. One is that they aren’t as discrete as some methods. Vaping a cbd crystal is great and the most common way to use them. It is also a somewhat discrete method for using them out in public.

However, you can’t vape everywhere. Many public buildings and workplaces don’t allow vaping, so you wouldn’t be able to use them there, and perhaps you should use a different CBD product. There are multiple things that CBD crystals can be mixed in to make them more discrete, and that information can be found in the section How to Use Them. But for many people, this is a hassle that they would rather not deal with.

That’s really the only downside of using these CBD crystals, as their versatility that I talked about allows you to consume them in many mediums. You have to prepare them yourself, which might be annoying or hard for some people, but you’ll find that what’s required.

Common Conditions That CBD Crystals Are Used to Treat

CBD crystals are used to treat dozens of different conditions, but there are some that are more common than others. In the section about the effects of CBD crystals, we talked a little bit about how CBD crystals are the quickest hitting method of taking CBD, meaning you will feel the effects immediately. Whether you vape or dab them, CBD crystals will work within seconds.


For this reason, CBD crystals are used commonly for conditions that need immediate attention. One of these is pain management, which we have an entire article on using CBD for treating pain here. Basically, CBD works powerfully as both a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory at the same time. This makes it a perfect selection for treating pain. Pain is one of those conditions that you want to treat instantly, and you don’t want to have to wait a long time for medicine to kick in. For this reason, CBD crystals are very effective at treating pain. Other conditions that are treated well with CBD crystals because of its fast-acting effects include, epilepsy, nausea, and many forms of anxiety.

Cigarette/Nicotine Addiction

Cigarette addiction is a condition that claims hundreds of thousands of people lives every year due to the cancer is can spread to the body. Unfortunately, many of the current cures on the market are just nicotine-infused products that keep people hooked on nicotine. Caliber Biotherapetics knows that there is a much better alternative to treating nicotine addiction, and that answer is CBD. Specifically, CBD crystals are one of the most effective forms to treat it.

CBD crystals help kick this addiction because it is affects you quickly, just like cigarettes and other nicotine products do. When someone becomes dependent on nicotine, they will crave that instant effects, and many times if they don’t, they will feel nausea, decreased appetite, depressions, extremely anxious, and angry.

Well, look at all of those negative effects of not using nicotine, and what is a medicine that is commonly used to treat all of those? CBD of course, which is why it has been proven to be so effective at helping people kick their nicotine addiction. Especially in the first couple weeks of trying to quit, these effects can be extreme, which leads people back to using nicotine again just to not feel horrible. CBD helps treat all of those negative effects, and CBD crystals are the quickest way to feel them. The best part is, after about a month or so of not using nicotine, they won’t need to use CBD anymore.

An added benefit of CBD crystals is that using them is similar to smoking. For some people struggling with kicking a nasty cigarette addiction, one of the hardest parts is that they are just so used to smoking something. After they eat, in the car, or wherever, for the last several years they’ve simply just grown accustomed to always inhaling something. This is a part of kicking the addiction that is not talked about as much, but it can be the hardest part for some people. CBD crystals imitate smoking, without inhaling any of the harmful chemicals, and this is yet another reason why it is an effective treatment for cigarette addiction.

Sleep Disorders

So, while the conditions that are treated above with CBD crystals mostly have to do with the fact that CBD crystals work nearly instantly, another great benefit is that they are extremely potent. We already mentioned how CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD that you can find on the market, coming in at over 98% CBD!

Therefore, CBD crystals are used to treat sleep disorders, another great use of CBD. The reason CBD crystals are used to help sleep disorders is that treating sleep disorders with CBD requires a high dose of CBD, usually over 15+ mg, while many other conditions require around 1-2 mg for beginners. This high dosage can be hard to obtain with other forms of CBD, and can get expensive if it is done regularly. Because CBD crystals are the most potent and cost-effective form of CBD, it makes them a great selection for treating any sleep disorders.

Effects of CBD Crystals

These are just some of the most commonly treated conditions with CBD crystals. Any condition that CBD is used to treat, CBD crystals will work great, as will any other form of CBD. CBD is one of the most versatile but misunderstood medicines in the world. There are a lot of misconceptions about it, like that it is the exact same thing as medical marijuana, and that leads to a lot of people who it could greatly benefit being hesitant.

You will feel the effects of CBD Crystals immediately upon inhaling. This is extremely advantageous for people who need medicine instantly and can’t wait an hour for the effects to kick in. Within seconds you will feel the effects and they should last for a couple hours at least.

CBD Crystals are also the purest form of CBD Products we have. Most that you can find are at least above 98% pure, and the concentrates that Caliber Biotherapeutics recommends are 99%! This means you aren’t going to be getting any harmful chemicals or additives. They are carefully extracted with some of the best techniques from medically grown organic hemp. These are truly CBD extracts in its purest form.


CBD Crystals for Dabs

Using CBD Crystals for dabs is for the most experienced users. It also requires a setup that you’d have to buy, but it is the most effective way to get CBD in your system. You’ll need to purchase what is called a dab rig, and you can find those online or in smoke shops. It’s typically a large water bong of bubbler with a nail where the dab is placed.

Once you get a dab rig set up, you’ll need to heat up the nail with a blowtorch. Once this nail is heated up, simply drop a small amount of the crystal onto it and then inhale as hard as you can. It may make you cough, especially if you are a beginner. Start very small, as dabbing these 99% pure crystals that Pure Hemp Botanicals make will definitely affect you extremely quickly. A lot goes a long way with these.

What Is a CBD Dab

Dabbing is essentially smoking but it is known as being much harder on your lungs. You’ll need to heat up the nail for around 30 seconds so it will be fairly hot. It can be tough on even the most experienced users and they are infamous for sending people into coughing fits.

That’s why if you have any sort of respiratory problems, you should definitely not dab the CBD crystals. I don’t think any beginner to CBD should dab them. If you are just starting out, maybe try to vape them. That will ease your lungs more into them. There are much better and healthier ways for you to ingest CBD, and some of those are listed below.

Process of Making CBD Crystals

Making your own CBD oil is actually not that difficult, and we already have an article on how to make your own. However, making CBD crystals is a lengthier process that requires much more skill and equipment. If you’d like to learn more about how CBD crystals are made, check out this article that gives some great step-by-step directions.

Because the process is time-consuming and difficult, you probably won’t save money and your product won’t be as of high quality as what you can buy at Pure Hemp Botanicals, the official crystals shop of Caliber Biotherapeutics. They do the most advanced CBD extraction techniques, and crystallize it until their crystals are 99% pure CBD. They are also an incredible deal for the price they offer, and we’ll talk about that in more detail next.

Crystals are the Most Cost-Effective Form of CBD

Mostly due to their extremely high potency, CBD crystals are definitely the best choice if you’re simply looking for the most “bang for your buck.” At Pure Hemp Botanicals, the site Caliber Biotherapeutics recommends you purchase your CBD crystals from, they offer three different sized packages: 250mg for $19.95, 500mg for $27.95, and 1 gram for $39.95!

That 1 gram of CBD for less than $40 is by far the cheapest form of CBD that you will find, but the quality is no less. In fact, it is 98% pure CBD, which is also the purest form. For comparison, check out the other four methods of ingesting CBD, and you’ll find that none even come close to CBD crystals in terms of the price for the amount.

Because of this reason, CBD crystals are the most popular form of CBD for people who don’t have a ton of money to spend on their medicine, or just for people who constantly need a large supply of CBD. Next, we will discuss some of the most common specific conditions that people use CBD to treat.

CBD Crystals for Vaping

The most common way to use CBD crystals is vaping, as it is easier on the lungs, and it’s discrete and portable. To vape them, you’ll need a vape pen and just mix the extract in with Vape Oil. Simply do some quick math and get a ratio that you want, or  follow CBDOilsUK teperature recommendation and then heat up your vape and enjoy.  There are many benefits of Vaping CBD.

Using CBD Crystals with the Under-the-Tongue Method

You can place CBD crystals under your tongue for about a minute and then swallow the rock. You may feel some small effects shortly after taking it this way, but the major effects probably won’t be evident until about 30 minutes after.

CBD Crystals for Edibles

There are several things you can mix CBD crystals into. One way is to turn them into CBD edibles. Cooking them in oil or butter is the easiest way to do this.

The process is just like making edibles with any other form of CBD. Simply pick a recipe that requires butter, so something like brownies or cookies work perfectly. First, determine how much butter you’ll need for the recipe and how many servings that will make. Once you know that, you can add as much CBD as you’d like.

Melt the butter and then add the crystals. Stir this mixture for around 5-10 minutes until all of the cbd has dissolved in the butter. You don’t want to cook it for too long, as some of the CBD could evaporate, so the second they are completely dissolved, remove the butter from the heat source. Now, the butter is done, so simply make them as you would in the recipe of your choosing.

CBD Crystals for infused lotion

Lastly, the CBD crystals can also be warmed up and then mixed in whatever lotion you want, as you can tell there are many different types of CBD Products. You may be thinking that lotion is sort of an unconventional way to ingest CBD. However, it is extremely popular with people who need instant relief to certain parts of the body and who can’t ingest the other methods. As you may have been able to guess, this is mostly comprised of elderly people.

Lotion from CBD Crystals can be applied anywhere and the effects should be nearly instant. While this is a favorite among many, making it can be a little difficult. All you need to do with them is heat up the cbd to liquid form and then mix them into the lotion.

The hard part about this method is that it is hard to get a consistent mixture throughout unless you really mix it thoroughly. Therefore, it will be difficult to know the exact amount you are taking, which you would know if you had purchased a product and read the label.

You may have fun with making the lotion, but it’s probably not something you’d want to do a lot, as it may not come out the most consistent. My advice would just be to check out other CBD Products, as there are plenty of those products out on the market.

CBD Crystals Summary

It is Caliber Biotherapeutics mission to spread information about CBD to educate the public and make sure they know that CBD is a non-addictive, non-psychoactive, and non-lethal medicine that can help cure dozens of conditions. If you would like to learn more about various CBD facts, make sure to check out our blog, and leave a comment if you have any further questions!