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Our Review found that CBD Drip is the leading brand of CBD Vape Oil Products online for their exceptionally high quality and wide variety of CBD potency options and bottle sizes.

Their high CBD Content as well as the amazing product manufacturing details that CBD Drip goes into to ensure the best customer experience is what really seperates them from the competition. 

CBD Drip is the most popular brand of CBD Vape additives online making them one of the safest and most trusted sources available. 

CBD Drip

CaliberBio's rating
CBD Drip
Quality 9.0
Effectiveness 8.5
Value for Money 8.0
Service 10.0

Full Breakdown of CBD Drip

CBD Drip is one of the most well known and trusted CBD Brands out there. This is because they have been in the business since 2008 providing customers with a reliable, effective, and safe CBD vape additive. Recently, they have been expanding their product selection and venturing into new CBD products such as their CBD Drip EcoCaps, which are CBD Capsules with 30mg of high quiality cannabidiol in each. Also, they have a new product CBD Oil Sublingual EcoShots that are coming soon.

They are, of course, most known for their CBD Vape Oil Additive, which is available in many different potency options and sizes. We reviewed their CBD Drip Gold product and we found it to be strong and very effective, even though it’s their lowest potency available. It contains 14.5 mg of CBD in a 7 mL bottle. Stronger options are the CBD Drip Platinum and CBD Drip Onyx, which contain 58mg and 140 mg of CBD Respectively in the same 7 mL bottle.

If you are looking for larger sized bottles they also offer CBD Drip RIX MIX which is a bulk concentrate order and contains anywhere from 500 mg to 1500+ mg of CBD. All of CBD Drip’s products are certified as high quality and safely made from 100% organic and natural sources and made without the use of chemical additives. 

  • Quality 90% 90%

 CBD Drip is one company we can definitely says goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality product. They have been the best selling CBD Vape products for over 10 years, and that is because of their top quality products. Their other products such as the EcoCaps are also top quality products made from the best sourced hemp available and come in in child-proof bottles that are safe for any household!

  • Effectiveness 85% 85%

The reason that CBD Drip has been able to maintain themselves at the top of the market is because of their high quality source of CBD made from organic hemp produced without the use of any chemicals or other harmful additives. A lot of companies will use low quality CBD sourced from China or Vietnam where the factory regulations are very low and the extract that is produced from their industrial hemp could be potentially harmful and contains very little beneficial properties. That is why it is important to make sure you buy from lab tested and verified sources such as CBD Drip for products like CBD Vape Oil!

  • Value For Money 80% 80%

CBD Drip offers great prices for those looking to start using CBD for the first time, with their smallest package costing only $8.78! It’s great because it contains 14.5 mg of CBD in the same 7 mL bottle as the larger options, which is made to last for a long time. The other options are the CBD Drip Onyx and Platinum which contains 58 mg and 148 mg respectively. They also offer larger bulk orders which is great for those looking to make their own Vape Oil and infuse it with CBD. If you are looking for a sample of their other products such as CBD Drip EcoCaps they also offer a 2 capsule package for only $7.24 with 30 mg of CBD in each!

  • Service 100% 100%

CBD Drip provides an amazing customer experience in every aspect from the ordering process online, to the high quality packaging and bottles. We found CBD Drip to be amongst the most professional brands we have ever reviewed and their customer support team was very responsive and helpful when working with them. Their website is very informative and it is easy to find any of the information about their company on there. We could not recommend have had a better customer experience than we did with CBD Drip!

  • Overall Brand Rating 89% 89%

Overall, we found CBD Drip’s Overall Brand Rating to be 8.9/10! They are one of the highest quality and most professional CBD companies we have reviewed to date. All their products contain a full spectrum of active and organic CBD which pprovides an amazing medicinal experience. They are the best selling CBD Vape Oil in America for a reason, because of their high quality, consistent, and safe CBD products!