Life is uncertain and is full of twists and turns. Some tragic incidents are such that leave a mark on the human mind. The painful memories just refuse to die and the person keeps reliving those traumatic moments over and over again. These unforgettable memories sometimes turn into a disorder known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or more commonly called as PTSD. PTSD is more prominent among war veterans and victims of domestic violence. But it is not contained in just these situations. Losing your family in an accident, rape victims, abused children and police officers are also commonly PTSD sufferers.

Those who suffer from PTSD often experience the same unfortunate trauma over and over again in the form of nightmares, flashbacks, severe anxiety attacks and uncontrollable thoughts of the past. These reminders of the incident often make them angry, anxious, insomniac and tensed.

Though there are medications available for PTSD, CBD oil offers a natural solution. CBD oil is known for many successful stories for PTSD treatment.

Studies Showing How CBD Helps Treat PTSD

Many types of researches have been done to prove the great effects of CBD usage on PTSD patients. In fact, New Mexico was the first state to list CBD oil as a treatment for a post-traumatic stress disorder. The state recorded and analyzed the effect of clinically administered oil on 80 patients. As a result, it was found that 75% of the symptoms were reduced by CBD oil as a medication.

According to a research carried out by Frontiers in Pharmacology reported that CBD oil had a great impact on the patients and was seen to remove the fear-inducing memory from the patients. In fact, the disappearance of consciousness related to the trauma was also seen. The presence of 5-HT1A in the oil helps in reducing the fear memory form the brain.

Another study done by Behavioural Pharmacology stated that CBD oil balances the anandamide levels in the body. Anandamide is the happy hormone of the brain. By stimulating this hormone, CBD oil replaces the negativity in the brain with joy and happiness. Increased anandamide levels reduce nightmares, insomnia, anxiety, fear and irritability in a person.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical found in Cannabis plant. But unlike THC or Marijuana, it does not give a “high” feeling. CBD is free of THC which is a psychoactive element of marijuana. Thus, when used properly, CBD can be a medicine without inducing any high. It is a safe compound but its usage needs to be monitored. The oil is extracted from the stalk of the plant and is a concentrated form of around 85 cannabinoids which provide innumerable health benefits.

How CBD Helps PTSD?

CBD is known to provide significant relief to the stress symptoms. Administration of CBD oil provides acute and long-lasting relief to the PTSD patients. CBD oil affects the human body in a unique way. The effects of CBD  directly affects the mental symptoms related to PTSD like tension, anxiety and anger. It also targets the physical symptoms. But they subside only after mental symptoms have been taken care of. Both are inter-connected. The daily triggers are blocked by CBD oil and thus it induces good mood. Also, it boosts sleep hormones, controls stress hormones and blocks memories. It also improves the learning program of the brain to reduce the flashbacks of past incidents. All these effects are extremely necessary for the patients suffering from PTSD. Using CBD oil as a treatment is known to provide profound difference among patients suffering from PTSD.

Why Use CBD Instead of Other PTSD Medications

Usual PTSD medications include anti-depressants and sedatives. The contents also have mood stabilizers and THC. Most often these medications can be addictive and destructive for the patients. Often times they have more side effects more than they work. These medications also usually do not start working immediately and in most cases, the PTSD patients become addicted to them. Also, these pills can have side effects like dizziness, upset stomach, excessive sweating, headaches, and infertility. Some of the side effects can stay for a long term.

On the other hand, CBD is completely safe and natural. It does not have any side effects and is completely non-addictive. In fact, research studies show that more and more PTSD patients are looking for natural remedies rather than taking any other supplements or medications because of their side-effects.


CBD oil is completely natural and it’s benefits have been hidden for a long time. It is now available in forms that are easy and convenient to try. Conventional medications are still having a difficult time controlling the symptoms of PTSD. But in recent years, CBD oil has done miraculous work in treating the suffering of patients. This coupled with psychology therapy works like a charm and has great results.