CBD Oil Drug Test

Does taking CBD Oil show up on a drug test?

No, CBD will not show up on a drug test. THC is the only cannabinoid detectable in a drug test, and even after months of daily dosage of CBD Oil, you will not test positive for THC.

Since THC is the only cannabinoid that is able to be detected in a drug test, and companies do not perform CBD Oil drug tests you do not have to worry about CBD Oil makin you test positive on a drug test.

CBD Oil Drug Test Kit

CBD Drug Test

If there was such a thing as a CBD Oil drug test and they screened for it, CBD would show up on a drug test. But, they simply don’t. But if CBD comes from marijuana, won’t there be trace amounts of THC in the CBD products? This is yet another common misconception because nearly all CBD products are extracted from the hemp plants; not marijuana. Hemp plants contain very little THC in them an  after the CBD is extracted there is none.

Why Don’t Companies Perform CBD oil Drug Test?


THC is the compound in marijuana that is responsible for giving the user a high and impairing them, things companies want to discourage in the work place for obvious reasons. However, CBD isn’t impairing so, therefore, there is really no need for performing CBD Oil drug test. In fact, you can take CBD at work, and many of the methods like CBD capsules, edibles, and tinctures are highly discrete and make this easy for you to do. There also hasn’t been much research into developing CBD Oil drug test. This can partly be due to the fact of it not being impairing, but also that CBD is unknown to many people and companies. It can be thought of as the forgotten cannabinoid in marijuana and people really didn’t start using it for its medicinal benefits until the last decade or so. Therefore, if your job currently requires pre-employment or random drug testing, if you use the products reviewed here at Caliber Biotherapeutics, you will have no problems with your CBD Oil drug test. Companies do not currently perform CBD Oil drug test and there are no reasons to think they may start anytime soon. Therefore, enjoy your medicine and have no worries about it, because CBD Oil is completely legal. We know, the future is awesome. Check out the top brands and most trusted source online for each CBD Product! We review all the CBD Brands to find out which is the highest quality!

Will CBD Vape Oil Show Up on a CBD Vape Oil Drug Test?

If you are using one of the CBD extracted products recommended by us, then it doesn’t matter, it will not show up on a CBD Oil Drug Test. Whether it is CBD vape oil, tinctures, CBD capsules, edibles, or CBD crystals, all of our products are from the purest hemp plants and with the most advanced extraction techniques. It’s our goal to find the highest-quality products so you don’t have to. We also keep in mind that many people have jobs that require drug testing, so we don’t include any CBD products extracted from cannabis. However, there are other CBD products on the market that are extracted from marijuana plants. CBD was first extracted from high CBD marijuana strains until people started using hemp. This is mostly due to hemp’s low THC content and because by itself, CBD won’t show up on CBD oil drug test.   We can’t speak for every product on the market, as there are thousands. We only know that the ones offered on our site are THC free. If for whatever reason you are looking at CBD products on a site not mentioned by us, make sure that they are extracted from hemp plants if you get CBD drug tested. 

Will Smoking High-CBD Marijuana Show Up on a CBD Oil Drug Test?

We talked above about how since the CBD products are all extracted from hemp plants, they will contain no CBD in them. But, many people still are getting their CBD from marijuana plants, so it has them curious if that will show up on CBD Oil drug test. However, marijuana strains with high CBD will still have THC in them, and that means you will test positive for THC. For example, Harlequin, one of the most popular CBD marijuana strains, has around 4-7 % THC, with 8-16% CBD. This ratio is great and one of the best in terms of CBD to THC. However, 4% is still quite a bit of THC and it will definitely make you test positive for THC. The CBD won’t show up on a CBD oil drug test, but the THC definitely will, and it can stay in your system for weeks if not months. Due to the fact that smoking bud is the least healthy way to consume CBD, and that it will show up on a CBD Oil drug test, we strongly recommend using CBD extracts instead. Find out how long CBD Oil Stays in your system.