Does CBD Oil Show up on a drug test?

CBD alone will not cause you to show up positive on a drug test even after months of daily use, as long as the CBD Oil you are using has been verified to NOT contain trace amounts of THC by a third-party lab test. Otherwise, it is very possible that you can trigger a positive for THC on a drug test by consuming Full Spectrum CBD Oil. It’s not enough for the level to simply be low enough for the patient not to get “high”, as even trace amounts may trigger a positive result on a drug test.

If it is imperative that you pass a drug test, then you MUST use CBD oil made from isolate. Isolate is 99% pure CBD that contains no THC at all. It is recommended that you make sure your CBD brand is a reputable source that provides verified third party lab test results so you know exactly what you are consuming because there are are currently no regulations or safety checks. 

Failed Drug Test caused by CBD Oil

Jeff Anderson Failed CBD Drug Test

Not all CBD oil providers are conscientious, nor are they all concerned with THC contamination in the first place. Unfortunately, many people who buy these products are unaware of this problem, which can lead to disastrous results.

In a story of a school bus driver failing a drug test because of CBD oil, Jeff Anderson was working for the Beaverton School District in Oregon. That is, until he failed a drug test after using CBD oil that was contaminated with THC. Anderson, like many CBD users, had no desire to get high. In fact, he hadn’t smoked cannabis in over twenty years. He simply wanted to treat his psoriatic arthritis in the best fashion. Now, at 62, he’s out of a job and all of this difficulty could have been prevented with more education regarding the potential for THC to be in the CBD oil.

What’s important for patients to understand is that not all CBD brands can be trusted , and a study found that 70% of CBD oil is mislabeled so it is hard to have confidence in the label and the contents of your products. This is caused by the lack of regulation in the market. That is why we review the brands so you know which have found to be trustworthy, safe and effective.

Make Sure Your CBD Oil is THC Free

Drug tests for cannabis aren’t actually testing for THC itself (there are some blood tests that do, but they’re irrelevant for this particular discussion). They test for substances called “metabolites”. When your body absorbs THC, it produces these metabolites, and they stay in your system for quite some time.

Your body absorbing CBD doesn’t produce these metabolites. However, CBD products are made from hemp, which of course usually has a THC potency of 0.3%. That means you need to ensure that the CBD oil you’re using is made from CBD isolate, which is THC free. That also means making sure that it has been lab tested by a reliable and verifiable third-party lab to determine its full cannabinoid profile and to be sure that it doesn’t contain harmful chemical additives. We have come up with our own list of trustworthy CBD products which we can verify that their labels are accurate. This way you can feel comfortable that you are buying highest quality and safe CBD oil that is trusted by the community. 

Why Don’t Companies Drug Test for CBD?

CBD Oil Drug Test

Companies do not currently perform CBD specific drug screening tests and there are no reasons to think they may start anytime soon. CBD extracted from hemp  generally does not violate known company policies as it is non psychoactive, and many people are already using it to treat conditions.

There’s no quick and easy test to see if someone is actually currently impaired by THC, so companies have defaulted to urine drug testing that shows whether or not THC has been ingested over the past several days or weeks. Thankfully, CBD causes no impairment whatsoever so there’s no need for anyone to develop a drug test for CBD. In fact, even the World Anti Doping Agency removed CBD from the prohibited substances list, making CBD approved for athletes!

What CBD Products will Show Up on a Drug Test

You must first understand the difference between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD contains many other cannabinoids in the hemp plants other than CBD, often including trace amounts of THC that could trigger a positive for cannabis on a drug test.

CBD isolate is the CBD molecule in isolated form which is over 99% CBD content. This has absolutely no chance of triggering a positive on a drug test.

Even if it is only trace amounts of THC in the Full spectrum CBD oil, it is never “low enough”. The simple presence of THC in combination with the patient’s dosage can build up over time to the point where it will show up on a drug test.

Medical CBD Strains of cannabis in particular Harlequin CBD, One of the most popular high CBD marijuana strains, has around 4-7 % THC, and 8-16% CBD. This ratio is great however 4% is still a good amount of THC and it will definitely make you test positive for marijuana upon drug screening. While these plants might be less intoxicating than their counterparts, they do still contain plenty of THC and will result in a positive drug test for THC metabolites.


Thankfully for the CBD patients, there are actually high quality producers out there that truly understand the need for safe CBD oil with accurate labels and THC free options. CBD oil has been a blessing for many people suffering from various ailments—and it can be for you too. Just make sure you always, always do your research on the brand!