Does CBD Oil Get You High

Effects of Taking CBD Oil

Because CBD is the second most active chemical compound found in marijuana, many people closely associate the two, thinking they are practically the same. However, the chemical responsible for giving you that high feeling is THC. We talk a lot about how CBD is a non-psychoactive substance, meaning it doesn’t produce anywhere near the same high as THC.

So, you may be confused why this article is titled “CBD Oil High”. While CBD won’t impair you, you’ll definitely still know that you have taken it and the feelings are unique. If you have never taken CBD and are curious about what it feels like, we’ll try to explain the “CBD oil high” the best we can.

What Does Taking CBD Feel Like?

So, we already mentioned about how the CBD oil high isn’t impairing or really a high at all. It can be hard to describe what the effects feel like, but the CBD oil high can really be summed up in one work; relaxation.

The biggest thing most people who use CBD will notice is that it makes them much more relaxed and calmer. This is why CBD is so effective at treating many anxiety disorders. Most people experience anxiety or stress at least sometimes, and CBD is extremely effective at relieving that.

In return, the CBD oil high can also make you more social and happy. It can also decrease pain and appetite. Because of all of these effects of a CBD oil high, these are the reasons why CBD is used as a medicine for so many different conditions.

People also commonly note that the effects are gradual and it’s not like some drugs that just hit you instantly. The CBD oil high effects are subtle and they are sometimes harder to notice. You can also read about the effects of taking CBD Edibles. Speaking of other drugs, let’s look at how the CBD oil high compares to a THC high because the two of them are closely related. 

How Does It Compare to THC / Being High?

THC is the most active compound in marijuana, and it is the chemical responsible for giving you the high that smokers crave. There are some differences between a CBD oil high and a THC high.

The biggest difference is impairment. THC will give you euphoria, decreased focus, and just make you more out of it. On the contrary, the CBD oil high can actually improve focus and it won’t give you any feelings of euphoria or impairment.

So, while the CBD oil high won’t impair you like THC, there are actually some similarities, which is why both CBD and THC are used as a medicine to treat many of the same things.

Both the CBD oil high and the THC high will make you much more relaxed and calm. They also are both extremely powerful in relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

Probably one of the most stereotypical effects of THC is increased appetite, or “the munchies”. Smoking weed is known for making people extremely hungry and able to devour nearly anything. Although not as strong, the CBD oil high can also increase appetite. This is a reason why both CBD and THC are used by cancer patients who have trouble eating to increase their appetite.

Finally, one last similarity between the two is that they help with sleep and may make you more tired. Large doses of both CBD and THC are used to help sleep disorders, and that is yet another aspect they both have in common.

So, while the CBD oil high is different than the THC high, they are similar as they share some of the same medicinal properties. It should also be noted that the CBD oil high is not nearly as strong, and the effects will be subtler than the effects of THC.

If the CBD oil high sounds enjoyable to you, here are some guidelines on how to achieve it.

How Much CBD Oil Does It Take to Feel It?

Dosage is always the most fun question to answer when talking about CBD. It varies based on your body weight and previous usage, but a good standard dose for a beginner is 1-2 mg. This small dose will be enough for you to feel the CBD oil high, and you can adjust if you feel like it’s not enough.

If you are taking it in the form of vape oil, crystals, or a tincture, you should start to feel the effects within minutes. If you ingest the CBD in the form of capsules or edibles, then you should start to feel the CBD oil high after an hour or so. Read our article on how long it takes for CBD Oil to work.

The CBD oil high doesn’t last forever, so here are some guidelines on when you should take more.

When to Take More?

Once you’ve determined a good dosage for yourself, you’re probably wondering when you should take CBD again. After you start to feel the effects, the CBD oil high will normally last 2-3 hours.

Therefore, if you still need to be medicated, take the same dosage of CBD a couple hours later to keep the CBD oil high going.

One final thing to note about CBD oil is that you build a tolerance to it, just like every drug. The tolerance won’t be huge, but you’ll have to up your dosage amount about 1 gram every week or so. Again, this varies greatly from each person, so the most important thing with dosing CBD is to listen to your body and find out what is best for you.

If you’ve made it this far in the article, you should have a good idea about what the CBD oil high will feel like and how much you should take to achieve it. CBD is a versatile medicine that can help you reduce stresses and anxieties in your life, and we strongly recommend using it if you have a condition that it’s used to treat.

If you are curious about where to buy CBD products, we provide you with the best shops for CBD capsules, tinctures, edibles, crystals, and vape oil.

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