How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD is a compound found in marijuana and hemp plants that people are starting to use for a variety of medical purposes. It’s relatively new to the medical scene, with its high surge in popularity taking place in the last decade or so.

Because of its rapid growth, there isn’t a ton of information about it that you can easily find. Here at Caliber Biotherapeutics, we provide you with common questions that people have about CBD. One that we get a lot is how long does CBD stay in your system? We talk about how long CBD stays in your system, as well as other related questions you may have in this article.

CBD and your system


How Long Does It Take for CBD to Leave Your System

The answer to how long does CBD stay in your system is a tricky one. Because of CBD being new to the medicinal market, there hasn’t been a lot of studies confirming how long CBD stays in your system.

There was one study that you can read here that studied patients taking CBD to help treat Huntington’s disease. The patients were taking extremely high doses of 700 mg/day for 6 weeks. You’ll understand how much that is if you read our article on dosing CBD Tincture.

Anyways, after this 6 weeks of extremely high dosing, the participants’ blood was tested for CBD, and it was found that it was nearly completely gone after a week.

This is an extreme case, and the CBD still left their systems after a week. Therefore, for moderate to light users, how long CBD leaves your system is probably 3-4 days, with a week being the absolute maximum. How long CBD stays in your system also can depend on several factors such as weight and obviously usage, but it definitely won’t be any longer than a week.

A big reason why people are concerned with how long CBD stays in your system is that they are worried about drug testing. We talk about this concern in the next section.

Can You Be Drug Tested for CBD?

If you are worried about how long does CBD stay in your system because of a drug test you have to take; don’t worry.

Companies simply don’t drug test for CBD. If your employer does perform drug tests, they are testing for several other hard drugs and THC, the most active chemical in cannabis. Since all of the products we provide here are extracted from hemp plants, none of these CBD products will contain any THC in them.

CBD isn’t drug tested in large part because of its non-psychoactive properties. The reason for companies’ drug testing is that they understandably don’t want their employees impaired while on the job. Because CBD won’t impair you, there’s simply no reason for them to drug test for it.

If you have any further questions about CBD oil drug testing, we have an entire article dedicated to the subject that you can read.

When Will You Start to Feel the Effects of CBD?

So, how long CBD stays in your system shouldn’t be of big concern, because you won’t be getting drug tested for it. However, something a lot of people are curious about is how long the effects will last. This is an important question to answer because it makes a big difference in deciding your dosage and when you plan on taking the CBD.

Depending on your method of taking CBD, the effects will start to kick in anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour. If you take it by vaping, dabbing, or dropping it under your tongue, it will take around 10-15 minutes for you to start to feel the effects. Conversely, if you eat  CBD edibles or swallow a capsule, the effects usually take over an hour to kick in. A general rule is that the faster methods will last for a shorter time, while the ways to take CBD orally will last longer and be more powerful.

How Long Do the Effects of CBD Last?

Once you start to feel the effects of the CBD, they will usually last around 3-4 hours. You’ll start to notice when the effects start to wear off if the symptoms you are trying to mitigate start to come back. Once that happens, you should take another dose if needed.

Just like how long does CBD stay in your system, the results will vary on body weight, usage, and method of taking it. The answers we provided here for how long does CBD stay in your system and the other questions are simply estimates and averages meant to give you a general idea of the time frame.

More Research Is Needed

It’s so hard to answer these questions, because everybody’s body and usage habits are completely different, and they both play a huge factor. Also, another big problem when it comes to seeing how long does CBD stay in your system or asking other related questions is that there simply isn’t enough scientific literature out on the topic.

Hopefully, that will change in the future, but for right now we have to rely on estimates and really just testing it out on your own body and seeing how you react to it. Thankfully, this is safe to do with CBD, like CBD Capsules unlike nearly all other medicines. You can’t overdose on CBD and it is non-addictive, so you can safely experiment with CBD without putting your body in potential harm.

You should now know how long CBD stays in your system from reading this article. Remember, if you have any other questions regarding CBD Products such as CBD Crystals, be sure to check out our blog and products that we endorse. It is our mission to educate people who are curious about CBD because it is one of the most versatile and least harmful medicines on the market. Spread the word, and educate people about CBD and dispel some of the common misconceptions associated with it.