There are 5 main ways to use CBD Crystals; Dabbing, Adding it on top of a smoking product, Dissolving it under your tongue, Adding it to Vape Oil, or using it to bake edibles. As CBD concentrates and Isolates become more popular, everyone is wondering which is the best way to use CBD Crystals. CBD Crystals are most popularly smoked or vaporized, which many people enjoy because the effects tend to be stronger and they can be felt immediately after inhaling. But they can also be dissolved into products like vape oil or coconut oil to bake edibles with and give it a nice CBD infused effect.  


Taking a dab with CBD Crystals

The most popular way to smoke CBD Crystals is to take a dab. Dabbing is when you inhale a cloud of the vaporization made by melting a concentrate . It is safer than smoking, as you are technically just inhaling melted vapor of high CBD concentration.

How to Dab CBD Crystals

Things you need:

1. Dab Rig – a traditional glass bong or bubbler with a dab nail or banger piece component will work.

2. Torch Lighter – Any size torch flame lighter will work.

3.  Dabber Tool –  This is a glass or metal tool that you will use to apply the dab to the nail.

4. Your Concentrate –  Your extracted CBD Concentrate that you plan to use.

First, you’ll want to get your CBD crystals loaded up on your dabber. Remember, these dabs are extremely strong so even a small sliver of crystals may contain 10 mg of CBD in it, so consider starting out small for your first time.

Start heating the nail with your blowtorch until it is starting to turn red-hot. Once it is, take the heat off and let it stand for about 30-60 seconds.

Once it is at the right temperature, use the dabber tool to put the CBD on the nail or banger and begin to inhale, making sure you are rotating the dabber on the nail to make sure all CBD resin melts.

Thats all there is to it, Some people also cap their nail after they drop the CBD Crystals on to cover the top and make it easier to inhale the concentrated smoke.  

METHOD 2: Add to any smoking product

The second most common way for people to use CBD Crystals is on top of their Cannabis or other smoking products to give it a major boost in CBD Potency. Simply put the crystals on top and light it like normal, and watch the CBD melt on top and enjoy the extra CBD and its relaxing entourage effects.

METHOD 3: Dissolve under the tongue

The easiest method is to simply put your desired amount under your tongue allowing it to dissolve in your mouth and hold it there for 60-90 seconds. This allows the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream much faster than if the crystals were swallowed. This is defintely the most straight forward way to use CBD Crystals and you should expect to feel the effects almost immediately after doing this.

METHOD 4: Mix with Vape Liquid

You can also dissolve the crystals in the vape liquid of your choice to add a nice CBD effect to it. Simply add the CBD Crystals to the vape liquid and shake it well to dissolve the CBD. We have featured a tutorial video to show the steps to making your own CBD Vape Oil in detail.

METHOD 5: Baking Edibles with crystals

The last method on our list is to make your own CBD infused coconut oil or butter and then use it to bake your own CBD Edibles in whatever recipe you want! All you have to do is melt your butter or coconut oil into a pot and put it on the lowest temperature possible, and simply add your desired amount of CBD Crystals to the pot and stir for about 5 minutes until the crystals have fully dissolved. After about 5 minutes your oil or butter should be fully infused with CBD and is ready to be added to any recipe, just replace the amount of butter or oil that the recipe calls for with your CBD infused version instead.

Additional ways to use CBD Crystals

We went over how to use CBD Crystals the five most popular ways, but those are not the only ways to use them! Various other methods are available, advises that it is possible to make your own CBD infused Skincare Product which when used topically is a powerful antioxident and is thought to be great for the skin. Another method that they recommend is to make your own CBD Ticture which is great for taking daily supplements with ease. The sky is really the limit when it comes to how you use CBD Crystals , but remeber, no matter what method you decide to use, the effects are sure to be effective.


Our Recommened Source for CBD Crystals Online

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