How to use CBD Crystals

How to use CBD Crystals is an important questions since CBD dabs are becoming a more popular way for people to consume their CBD. Either dabbing CBD crystals or CBD oil provide some benefits that other methods on ingesting CBD can’t. Here’s everything you need to know about CBD dabs which should help you determine if they are right for you.

How to use CBD Crystals

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is when you inhale a flash of vaporization of a CBD concentrate after melting it. It is safer than smoking, as you are technically just inhaling melted vapor of the high concentration. Here are some other great benefits to dabbing CBD and why many people are starting to.

Benefits of Dabbing CBD

The biggest reason people dab pure CBD crystals or oil is that it is the fast acting way to take CBD. Other methods like eating edibles or capsules can take over an hour to kick in, which isn’t ideal if you need medication instantly. This is great for people who have pain or other conditions that need to be treated immediately.

People also like them because they are easy to take large doses of. If you notice on Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD crystals, you can buy an entire gram of 99% CBD for just $39.95! You could take one medium sized dab and it could have 50 mg of CBD in it; a huge dose that would take other methods a lot of uses. This also means that CBD dabs are one of the most cost effective and potent ways to take CBD. Find the many benefits of vaping CBD here.

Downsides of CBD Dabs

Like any form of ingesting CBD, there are pros and cons to it. CBD dabs definitely aren’t for everyone. A big reason why is that they are harder on your lungs than any other form. As you’ll see in how to take them, you essentially are melting the CBD crystal or oil and then inhaling it. This isn’t recommended for people that have lung problems, as it can lead to some fairly strong coughing.

The other reason why people opt not to take CBD dabs is that you need some equipment to take the dabs, which is talked about below. This means they aren’t portable or discrete, so you’ll just be able to take them at your home.

How To Dab

If after reading the pros and cons of CBD dabs you are interested, here’s how you take the dabs.

Equipment You’ll Need

The first thing you’ll need is what is referred to as a dab rig. You can buy these in most glass shops online or in person. Essentially, they consist of four main parts, which you can buy together or individually. Here they are:

  1. Water Pipe – a simple glass bong or bubbler will do the job and you can take the bowl piece out that is used to smoke herb and replace it with the next component.
  2. Dab nail – you’ll need to find one that fits snugly in you pipes gauge where you took the bowl piece out of. They are usually made of titanium, which works the best, but you can also get ceramic ones for cheaper.  
  3. Dome – this goes over the nail and is used to trap the vapor. Some nice dab nails are dome-less, but most require one.
  4. Dabber – this is glass or metal tool that you will use to apply the dab.

That’s all of the equipment for a rig. You’ll also need a blowtorch and it really doesn’t matter what size.

The Process

Once you have assembled everything needed, you can finally take a dab. To do so, first, you’ll want to get your CBD oil or CBD crystal loaded up on your dabber. Remember, these dabs are extremely strong. Even just a sliver of CBD crystals may contain 10 mg of CBD in it, so consider starting out as small as possible when dabbing.

Once you have the CBD crystal or CBD Tincture oil loaded onto the dabber, start heating the nail with your blowtorch until it is red-hot. Once it is, take the heat off and let it stand for about 30 seconds.

Finally, touch the dabber to the nail and begin to inhale, making sure you are rotating the dabber on the nail to get all the possible CBD resin off of it.

That’s the process of taking a dab, and the nice thing is that the effects of the CBD will last several hours by taking it this way. It may seem complicated and a lot, but you’ll find that it gets much easier with practice.

Understanding the perfect amount to take will take some practice as well. It is going to be a somewhat large upfront investment with all of the equipment you’ll need, but they will last a long time if you clean and take good care of them

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