Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD is known as being the second most common cannabinoid in marijuana and for having a range of medicinal effects. Marijuana is legal for medical purposes in 26 states and 7 states for recreational. However, it is still federally illegal and a Schedule 1 narcotic, placing it within the ranks of heroin and methamphetamine. As ridiculous as that is, we aren’t going to focus on that, but rather talk about if CBD is legal, explain why, and where you can buy it.

Is it legal to have CBD

Laws vary for different countries, but in the U.S. yes, CBD is 100% legal in all 50 states. We’ll talk about why CBD is legal in the next section, but you should not be afraid of buying it. Pure CBD extracts are legal and they do not require a medical card or prescription, and you can not be CBD Oil Drug Tested.

Why is CBD Legal?

So, why is CBD legal in every state if marijuana, the plant it is in, is still federally illegal? CBD is actually legal if extracted from hemp plants, which are close relatives to marijuana plants but are not the same. Industrial hemp production for commercial purposes is legal in 30 states where these CBD extracts are produced, and then the extracts can be bought or sold in every state.   Nearly all of the CBD extracts out right now are from hemp plants, meaning they are legal. All of the products you will find at Caliber Biotherapeutics are from hemp plants so you can have a piece of mind when purchasing them that you are buying a fully legal product. Also, it doesn’t matter what form the CBD is in. Edibles, vape oil, capsules, crystals, and tinctures are all viewed as the same.

Are High-CBD Marijuana Strains Legal

So, is CBD legal in regards to high-CBD marijuana strains? Not on a federal level, because they still contain THC. But, in the states where marijuana is legal, yes. There are also some CBD oils out there that are extracted from marijuana plants and those will not be legal in every state. If you are worried about it, to be on the safe side, only buy CBD extracts from hemp plants. Doing so will ensure that you won’t have any THC in your products, which is also important if you get drug tested.

Where to Purchase CBD

Our site features five different products of CBD extract; CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, capsules, vape oil, and crystals. We also provide one online shop of each where you can easily and legally purchase the CBD infused products. The sites we provide are the best in the business and they all are extracted from hemp plants. There are also many other shops online where you can purchase legal hemp-extracted CBD as well. So, is CBD legal only if you buy it online? Actually, you can purchase CBD legally in tobacco stores as well. Many glass, smoke, and vape shops out there are selling CBD products now because of its popularity. Common CBD products they sell include CBD Vape Oil, lotion, patches, and pre-loaded vape pens. Find the benefits of vaping CBD Oil HereIf you don’t want to wait for a CBD shipment to come from an online order, then contact or visit your nearest tobacco product store to see if they carry CBD products like CBD Edibles. You may be surprised how many do.

Is CBD Legal for All Ages?

For many forms of medicine, there are age restrictions. CBD is no different and many times when ordering these CBD products we showcase, you’ll need to sign for the product and confirm you are 18 or older. Therefore, anyone above the age of 18 is able to purchase CBD either online or in store and there are no prescription requirements for it. Under adult supervision, people under 18 are allowed to use it for medical purposes, but they’ll need help purchasing it. For example, children as young as 4 are being given CBD oil by their parents to severely decrease their seizures and it has done wonders for improving their lives.  

Is CBD Legal In Other Countries?

There are many other countries where CBD is considered legal or decriminalized. The laws can be confusing and they are changing all the time, but if you are curious about the legality of CBD in your country, research and see what laws exist. Many countries in Europe and around the world are starting to legalize CBD because they are starting to see the diverse medical benefits that it offers. Hopefully, this article made you feel better about using CBD now. There are a lot of misconceptions about it and our goal with this site is to disprove these and spread knowledge about CBD. Too often it is seen as the exact same as marijuana and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It doesn’t impair you, it won’t show up on a drug test, and it is found in more abundance in hemp plants. While it is found in marijuana, the legal CBD products you’ll find here and in most places will all be extracted from hemp plants. We’ve previously talked about how CBD doesn’t show up on drug tests, and now you can be assured that it CBD is legal to purchase, consume, and possess in all 50 states. You can now enjoy your medicine stress-free.