Where Is CBD Oil Legal? 

Map of Where CBD is Legal

Currently, the DEA considers CBD a federally illegal Schedule 1 controlled substance. However, Since the introduction of the 2014 Farm Bill which allows farmers to cultivate hemp plants with under 0.3% THC in the forty participating states, the producers of CBD have started selling their products as legal. Today anyone in the US can easily buy CBD oil online, on the shelves of health stores, and even in some pet stores and last year there was over $350 million in consumer sales of CBD products across the country.

It does not require a medical card or prescription to buy and is not being tested for in drug tests. So although it is technically federally illegal, it is tolerated and the laws are not being enforced. Many states have already passed laws legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, and many others have decriminalized possession of CBD oil made from hemp but for those that haven’t, CBD currently sits in a grey area.

The Future of Legal Hemp and CBD

 Roughly every 5 years the Congress passes a new Farm Bill that revises the laws and regulations on food and agriculture, energy production, economies and so much more. The last Farm Bill in 2014 opened the doors for the new hemp and CBD industry to flourish as we know it today by legalizing some production activities.

Earlier this year, the US Senate introduced the 2018 Farm Bill which seeks to take away the DEA’s authority over hemp, and make hemp an agricultural commodity while giving states complete power to oversea production. The bill is currently in conference committee where differences between two legislative chambers must be reconciled before it passes. The bill is expected to be approved by the end of this year. If the bill can persist through the Congress in its current form, it will completely transform the hemp industry and accelerate it at an unprecedented speed!

Legality of CBD Worldwide

Please note that these laws are changing rapidly around the world, and you should always do your own research to remain up to date on the current laws in your own country or in countries to which you plan to travel.

  • UK: legal(The UK government is taking steps which may classify CBD as medicine, which in turn may affect its legal status.)
  • Australia: illegal
  • Bahamas: illegal
  • Brazil: illegal
  • Canada: Legal as of October 17, 2018.
  • China: illegal(China’s drug laws are notoriously inflexible, and it is highly recommended that you never break them while traveling to or staying in China.)
  • France: illegal
  • Germany: semi-legal (While selling CBD in Germany is not technically legal, the law is not usually enforced. Many people are able to purchase CBD in dispensaries and order it from overseas with ease.)
  • Japan: legal
  • Netherlands: legal
  • New Zealand: illegal(CBD is classified as a legal drug in its own right in New Zealand, and it is illegal to import it.)
  • Russia: illegal
  • Slovakia: illegal
  • Spain: semi-legal(While both cannabis and CBD remain technically illegal in Spain, the laws are considered to be outdated, and are rarely enforced.)
  • Switzerland: legal
  • Italy: semi-legal(Italy’s government is working through the process of cannabis legalization. In the meantime, it appears that the selling and use of CBD products is tolerated and the related laws are not enforced.)
  • Note: Unless otherwise noted, the legal status in this chart refers to non-prescription CBD, as the medical laws surrounding prescribed CBD are far more complex.

The legality of CBD around the world is inconsistent. There are numerous countries in which it is decriminalized, legal, or classified as medication. There are also countries where CBD itself is not legal at all.  These laws are often confusing, and they are also constantly in flux, so it’s important for those who are intending to purchase CBD that they fully research the relevant laws in their own region. In general, the laws surrounding CBD are becoming increasingly lax as people around the globe discover and acknowledge the CBD.

In the next few years, it’s likely that countries which currently have harsh restrictions on the use of CBD (or consider it an illegal substance altogether) will begin to relax those laws. Many of these restrictions are not based on the science or facts surrounding CBD, but are instead based on all sorts of misconceptions and mainly because of the United Nations Drug Control agreements which states that all Cannabis products must be considered a illicit substance, which these countries have agreed to enforce.

Where To Buy CBD Legally

The popularity of CBD oil is growing exponentially. This attention has led to a lot of people and businesses trying to capitalize on the boom. This has led to some really amazing products on the market that fits everyones needs, such as legal CBD edibles, crystals, lotions and more.

These products are available online in all 50 states, and in many states it’s available in health stores, retail stores, pet stores and more. Its easy accessibility in all states makes it very easy for anyone who needs it to get it.

CBD oil’s can also be found in dispensaries in states with recreational and medical cannabis . However, beware that these products are often produced from marijuana plants instead of hemp plants, and may have high levels of THC which could cause one to become intoxicated and show up on a drug test.

We review and recommend the highest quality CBD brands and products available online, so that you can determine which company is the safe best fits your needs. 

All of the brands on our site must meet our strict quality standards to be reviewed on our site. The main factors are that the products must be third-party lab tested, grown organically, and made without the use of harmful chemical additives. This is important to do because there is no regulation on the CBD products available and that has led to over 70% of all CBD oil products being falsely labeled. Using brands that have been verified by the community helps to make sure that your supplement is not contaminated with harmful compounds that could inhibit their effectiveness or even have negative side effects themselves, and it makes sure that you are not being ripped off for your money.


You may have become aware of the fact that there are increasing numbers of high CBD strains of marijuana available.  It is important to note that these strains are not considered hemp because they contain more than 0.3% THC.

While high CBD strains of marijuana may contain much more CBD and much less THC than typical strains used for recreation, they still have a high THC concentration. These strains will make you impaired, and they will also make you show up positive for marijuana on a drug test. These products are only available in states which have legalized recreational or medicinal cannabis use.


Hopefully, you’re now feeling confident about the legality of using CBD oil and other products in the United States and worldwide. 

Education and understanding are always important when you are considering what to put in your body. When it comes to supplements designed to improve your quality of life, you want the very best and safest—and you also want to know that you’re getting what you pay for, in terms of concentration and quality. Third party lab testing is a must, as is the peace of mind knowing that you are staying entirely within the law and will not face any legal repercussions for taking care of your mind and body as well as you can.