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We review every CBD Brand online and recommend the highest rated and most trusted source for each CBD Product category.

How We Select Products

 Before we will even consider a product for review, it must meet our strict quality standards which ensure a safe and healthy CBD experience. This includes being 100% organic, Lab tested by a third party, Locally grown, and must be extracted and made without the use of harmful chemicals and additives and much more!  

Then, We break down each brand by 4 main factors after personally using the CBD product before making our recommendation for the best product.

  • Product Quality 100%

The first factor we consider is the quality of the product. We will rate a brand out of 100 based on the methods they use for producing their product, the methods they use for extracting their CBD, and the quality of the ingredients they use.

  • Medicinal Properties 100%

The second factor is the effectiveness of the product, which measures how strong the CBD effects and benefits are. This is mostly determined by personally trying the product ourselves and the quality of CBD that is used and the potency of the product. In order for CBD to be the most effective, it must be extracted from high quality, medicinal hemp that is locally grown organically without the use of pesticides and herbisides. Beware of companies that use very low quality CBD imported from countries such as Vietnam and China.

  • Affordability 100%

Affordability is also a major factor we consider when recommending a brand. We rate each brand out of 100 with the highest scoring brands being the ones that offer the best smaller sized packages that are inexpensive to serve those who are just beginning, and also other factors such as value for your money, and shipping charges.

  • Customer Experience 100%

Customer experience is possibly the most important factor we consider when we make our brand recommendation. The overall experience of buying your CBD product should be a positive one, which is why we rate each brand out of 100. We consider everything from the ordering process online, product packaging, lab results, nutritional facts, tracking, and most importantly, the overall experience of using the CBD Product.

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