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FSO CBD Soft Gel Capsules

FSO CBD Soft Gel Capsules Sample pack

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FSO CBD Capsules

FSO CBD Soft Gel Capsules 10 pack

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FSO CBD Capsules

FSO CBD Soft Gel Capsules 20 pack

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FSO CBD Capsules

FSO CBD Soft Gel Capsules 30 pack

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CBD Isolate Capsules

Isolate CBD Capsules Sample Pack

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CBD Isolate Capsules

Isolate CBD Capsules 25 pack

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CBD Isolate Capsules

Isolate CBD Capsules 50 pack

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Third party Lab Test Results with every order

All orders come with third party testing results that show the products cannabinoid potency and ensure that you are using the safest product possible.


Quick and Convienient

CBD Pill Capsules are the quickest and most efficient way to take a dosage of CBD, and the bottle that CBD Infusionz includes is great for on the go travel, or child-locked at home!


FSO CBD Soft Gel Capsules: Contains 15mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil per capsule. FSO extract contains mostly CBD, but also a wide range of other cannabinoids such as CBL, THCV, CBN, CBCA and more working with the entire endocannabinoid system.

CBD Isolate Capsules: Contains 10mg of 99% CBD Isolate per capsule. CBD Isolate is pure CBD that has been isolated from the other cannabinoids, resulting in a 99% CBD extract which delivers the most amount of CBD to your system at once. 

May take up to 2 hours for full effects, take more if needed.

Extracted from 100% Organic, Non-GMO Hemp grown in Colorado, USA and third party lab tested.

Best CBD Capsules Review

Out of the brands we have reviewed that offer CBD capsules or pills, we found that CBD Infusionz is the highest quality and best source online. All of their CBD capsules are made from 100% organic hemp grown in Colorado and come in a child-proof bottle with third party lab test results included! They offer 2 different types of capsules, Full Spectrum Oil(FSO) and Isolate(ISO). Both types of CBD Capsules are great options and depending on your needs either one may be right for you. We found that the FSO Soft Gel CBD capsules produced stronger effects as it is more potent and contains a wider range of cannabinoids, and the CBD Isolate Capsules were great for on the go use for daily supplements in the morning for example.

  • Product Quality 100% 100%

With professional CBD extraction production on the soft gel and isolate pill capsules the product quality of CBD Infusionz is far superior and safer compared to other brands online. Each order comes in a child-restricted bottle, with nutritional facts and lab test results which tests for the presence chemical additives, herbicides, pesticides, and also shows a full spectrum cannabinoid profile analysis.

  • Medicinal Properties 100% 100%

All of the CBD capsules are made from Colorado grown organic hemp and extracted without the use of harmful chemical additives providing strong and effective effects. Many companies use cheap ineffective imported hemp extract from countries with little regulation where using herbicides and pesticides and other chemical additives and GMO’s are common practice. Using CBD products from untested and low quality sources puts you in risk of consuming chemicals that could be hamrful to your health and the hemp extract will have very little effects.

  • Affordability 100% 100%

The affordability of CBD Infusionz CBD capsules is one of the review factors that truly separates from the competition. Their sample packages of 2 capsules for only $4.99 is great for those who have never tried CBD supplements and are looking for a sample. They also offer larger bottle sizes and different potency options which will be a perfect fit for just about every type of CBD user. All of their orders are shipping nationwide for only $3.99 making them an extremely affordable source of high quality CBD.

  • Customer Experience 100% 100%

Overall, buying CBD capsules online from CBD Infusionz was a very quick, easy, and enjoyable experience. We found that their CBD capsules provided amazing, strong effects and found that their product had exceptionally high quality production from verified and trusted CBD sources. The bottle that the capsules come in is also great for long term use, travelling and quick, easy supplements throughout the day. If you are looking to learn more information about the brand or their other products, view our Full CBD Infusionz Review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural chemical compound found in cannabis plants. It’s non-psychoactive, which means it won’t impair you like normal cannabis.

How much CBD should a beginner take?

Since these are CBD capsules, you can’t really adjust the dosage that well, so take as a beginner you can take one of the lowest strengh capsules, and wait an hour to see how you feel. If whatever you are trying to treat is better, then a single CBD capsules is a good dose for you. However, if after an hour whatever condition you have has not gotten better, then try another CBD capsule. This should definitely do the job, as most CBD capsules are around 15 mg each.

Are these CBD Capsules Legal?

Yes, these CBD capsules from CBD Infusionz are 100% legal in all 50 states of America.

This is because the CBD is made from legal industrial hemp containing no THC content. This means these CBD Capsules will not show up on a drug test. Employers test for THC, which is the main ingredient in cannabis and is found in trace amounts in hemp. Since these extracts are as close to 100% CBD as possible, there is no THC in these CBD capsules. They are completely non-psychoactive which means you can do your normal daily functions while using them in small doses.

CBD Capsules
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