CBD for Pets

Our recommended source for high quality products such as CBD dog treats, CBD oil for pets and more. Their CBD Pet products are verified as all natural and free from harmful chemical additives, as well as their high quality active CBD content is third party lab tested for potency.

CBD Dog Treats

CBD for pets

Bacon Flavor CBD Dog Treats 10mg (Medium to Large Size Dogs)

From $34.99
Peanut Butter CBD Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Flavor CBD Dog Treats 10mg (Medium to Large Size Dogs)

From $34.99
Cheddar Cheese Dog Treats

Cheddar Cheese Flavor CBD Dog Treats 10mg (Small to Medium Size Dogs)

From $34.99
Salmon CBD Dog Treats

Salmon Flavor CBD Dog Treats 10mg (Small to Medium Size Dogs)

From $34.99

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Oil for Pets

Pet CBD Oil 250mg

From $44.99
CBD Oil for Pets

Pet CBD Oil 500mg

From $79.99

CBD Capsules for Pets

FSO CBD Soft Gel Capsules

25 Full Spectrum CBD Capsules for Pets 10mg

From $44.99
FSO CBD Soft Gel Capsules

50 Full Spectrum CBD Capsules for Pets 10mg

From $79.99
CBD Isolate Capsules

25 CBD Isolate Capsules for Pets 10mg

From $44.99
CBD Isolate Capsules

50 CBD Isolate Capsules for Pets 10mg

From $79.99

What Can CBD do for your Pets?

Giving Cannabidiol(CBD) to your pets has been shown in studies to help supporting:

  • Hip and Joint Mobility
  • Relaxation and comfort
  • Neurology and cognitive function
  • Immunity & Allergy Symptoms
  • Everyday health and wealth


Pets Love CBD!

These Products are made to be consumed by Dog’s and Cat’s and when administered we have had a positive effect in mood, energy, and overall health. No pets have had a bad experience with CBD Infusionz CBD Pet Products.

Lab Tested for quality and potency

All of CBD Infusionz CBD Pet products are produced using the highest quality standards and all the CBD Pet Products come with lab test results for quality and potency.

$3.99 shipping

Fast delivery on all orders in USA for only $3.99 nationwide! Must be 18+ to order.

Grown, processed, and packaged in Colorado, USA.

All the Pet Products are infused with Full Spectrum CBD extracted from High Quality Organic Hemp grown in Colorado, USA.

Full Spectrum CBD

All the CBD for Pets Products are infused with Full Spectrum CBD which contain a range of Active Cannabinoids providing an extensive range of benefits.

CBD Products for Pets Review

At Caliber Biotherapeutics, We do the research and review all the top CBD Brands online to find the most reliable and trustworthy products, and for CBD Products for Pets we found the CBD Infusionz is the highest quality source online. All of their CBD Pet Products are infused with High Quality Full Spectrum CBD and are Lab tested by a third party to test for harmful chemical additives and for potency. It is important to buy your CBD products from a verified source as many companies online sell CBD products that are mislabelled and often times contain harmful chemical additives and low quality hemp extract.

  • Product Quality 100% 100%

Compared to other CBD Pet Products online, CBD Infusionz provides a higher quality product such as the All Natural CBD Dog Treats which are flavored dog treats that are tailored for your dogs size and are infused with full spectrum active CBD that will immediately start interacting with your dogs endocannabinoid system. The other CBD Pet Products such as CBD Oil for Pets and Pet CBD Capsules are also infused with the highest quality active CBD hemp extract with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and is made without the use of harmful chemical additives.

  • Medicinal Properties 100% 100%

One of the main reasons we recommend CBD Infusionz for CBD Pet Products is because of the High Quality CBD Hemp Extract that they use to infuse their pet products. The CBD is extracted from high quality, organic hemp grown in Colorado, USA and contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids other than CBD, which gives it the entourage effect allowing it to have much more effective properties for your pet.

  • Affordability 100% 100%

CBD Infusionz offers extremely high quality products for affordable prices, with 25 CBD Dog Treats starting at $34.99 and the cheapest shipping cost in the market at only $3.99 nationwide! Other companies will overcharge for CBD products that are not infused with effective CBD, and CBD infusionz products are infused with the top quality available anywhere. For the best experience it is best to buy from a source that has been verfied a high quality and safe.

  • Customer Experience 100% 100%

Overall, with the low amount of regulation in the CBD market, as well as the low supply of companies providing CBD for Pets, CBD Infusionz is definitely the highest rated brand to buy from online. The overall customer experience is exceptional, the CBD is extremely effective for pets and will provide an amazing experience that you can see when your pet’s mood changes. If you are interested in learning more about the brand and the other products they have available, you can read our full review of CBD Infusionz.

CBD for Pets
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