Pure Hemp Botanicals Review

Pure Hemp Botanicals is our top recommended brand for CBD Crystals and other CBD Concentrate products, as they have the highest manufacturing and production quality products with an unmatched customer service.

They also offer a wide range of other High Quality CBD Products such as Hemp Oils, Capsules, Vapes and more!

All their CBD Products are Grown, Produced, and Packaged in Colorado, USA by Pure Hemp Botanicals themselves, and then sent to a third party lab test to ensure quality!

Pure Hemp Botanicals

Quality 9.5
Effectiveness 9.6
Value for Money 8.8
Service 9.5

Full Breakdown of Pure Hemp Botanicals

Pure Hemp Botanicals is among  the most professional and highest quality companies for CBD products online. All their products are lab tested by a third party to ensure that there is no harmful chemical additives, and also to show the CBD Potency of their products. They source their CBD from Organic hemp grown in Colorado without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or GMO’s. Their prices are also amongst the most competitive on the market, with many products offering small sizes for great value to accomodate for beginners, and also large sizes for regular users as well. 

  • Product Quality 100% 100%

The product quality of Pure Hemp Botanicals is consitient throughout their entire CBD product line. Their CBD Crystals are particularly high quality as many CBD Companies sell a CBD Isolate Powder product, which is showing of low quality. Pure Hemp Botanicals offers a sold crystal rock form of CBD Isolate that must be broken down which is difficult to find from other brands online.

  • CBD Quality 100% 100%

Every product from Pure Hemp Botanicals is made with the highest quality organic hemp available on the market today, and is made without the use of harmful chemical additives. What makes Pure Hemp Botanicals so unique and unmatched is the fact that they Grow, Produce, and Package their own CBD in Colorado without the use of any harmful chemicals or GMO’s. Many other companies online sell CBD Products that have been made from imported  hemp extract from countries like Vietnam and China which have very little quality regulations. These products have very low CBD content and can potentially be  harmful, as they have not been verified by a lab test. This is why it is very important to buy CBD from a trusted source.

  • Value 100% 100%

All the product prices offer great value for customers compared to other top CBD brands online. They offer very affordable small serving size packages which are great for users who have never taken CBD and are looking to try it. They also offer some of the best value CBD you can find anywhere, such as their CBD Crystals which are available for 1000mg of CBD for $39.95! Elsewhere online 1000mg of CBD can cost over $75 in some cases!

  • Customer Experience 100% 100%

After conducting our Pure Hemp Botanicals Review we found that the overall experience was very pleasent, as their products were delivered fast, and were very effective. The packaging itself is also very profesional and well presented and the lab testing results were easy to find and understand ensuring that you are trusting of your safe product. Their support team was very responsive online and the experience was very smooth.

  • Overall Brand Rating 100% 100%

Overall, our Full Pure Hemp Botanicals Review found their Overall Brand Rating to be 10/10 and we highly recommend them as one of the highest quality and safest CBD companies online. They have a wide range of different CBD products which makes sure that there is a product that’s right for you, no matter your preferences and you can be sure that you are using a safe and effective product. They are also our #1 recommend source for the CBD Crystals out of all the companies in the market!