How to Use CBD

One of the great benefits of CBD is the variety of ways that you can ingest it. Here at
CaliberBio, we give great detailed reviews of five ways to take CBD; CBD capsules,
edibles, tinctures, vape oil, and crystals. This article will go into the details of each,
so you can have a better idea about the various methods and which might be the
best for you. For more information on the miracle benefits of CBD click here

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are just CBD in pill form. You take them like you would any other pill
and they take around 30-90 minutes for the effects to kick in. A big reason why
people like the capsules is that they are portable and discrete. You can take these
capsules anywhere without people having a clue. Also, they are one of the easiest
forms of CBD to take, which means everyone can use them.
The big downside of CBD capsules is that you can’t really adjust the dosage to your
liking. Each CBD capsule for CBD Drip, the shop we endorse, has 30 mg of CBD in it.
This is a high dose for even the most experienced user and that is why many people
take them. However, if you are looking for a much smaller dose, it’s much harder to
separate the capsules and get an accurate size you’d want.
Capsules are great for people who need large amounts of CBD in one serving that
will last them nearly the entire day. It’s convenient for people like this because all
they need to do is swallow one pill and be properly medicated for the rest of the day.
But, if you need CBD in smaller doses, there probably is a better option for you.

CBD Edibles

Definitely the tastiest way to consume CBD, edibles is a generic term for any food
product infused with CBD oil. You won’t be able to even tell that they are infused
CBD edibles as they taste exactly the same if they didn’t have CBD in them.
Edibles have many of the same benefits that capsules do. They are little pieces of
food, meaning you can eat and bring them wherever.
However, edibles have a couple benefits that capsules lack. One is that some people
don’t like swallowing pills, and eating is much preferred. They also taste great which
people also love.
The edibles we recommend from CBD Infusionz come in sizes of 5 mg per piece, 10
mg, and 20 mg. This means you can really control how much you are dosing and get
that precise amount you want.
One final awesome benefit of edibles is the variety of food that they can come in.
CBD Infusionz has 50 products, including various candies, health bites, and even
gum. There’s a lot you can make with them, and see how you can even make your
own edibles with CBD oil on our CBD Edibles page.

CBD Tincture

A CBD tincture is CBD dissolved in alcohol and it usually comes in a little dropper
bottle. There are many ways you can use a CBD tincture, but the most popular way
is to simply do a few drops under the tongue. This is popular because you can do it
anywhere, and like edibles and capsules, it takes around 30-90 minutes for the
effects to kick in.
One thing we love about CBD tinctures is how potent they are. At CBD Pure, the
official tincture shop of Caliber Biotherapeutics, one drop of their highest potency
tincture contains 20 mg of CBD. This is great for people who need large doses at a
time without having to do much. Simply drop just one small drop underneath your
tongue, and you’ll be good for the rest of the day.
CBD tinctures are also the most versatile forms of CBD in terms of how many
different ways you can use them. This article won’t go into all of these details, but if
you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out our CBD tincture page!

CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape oil review is the form of CBD that people are most familiar with and it is one of the
most popular ways to consume CBD. A big reason for that is because taking CBD by
vape oil will allow you to feel the effects almost instantly. How you use vape oil is to
vaporize it out of a vape pen or dabbing it. Therefore, it’s the perfect method for
someone who needs medication right away. (If you aren’t familiar with dabbing,
check out our blog article on it.)
The one knock on CBD vape oil is that they aren’t discrete because they require a vape
pen or dab rig. But, if you just plan to use the vape oil within the comforts of your
own home, that shouldn’t be a factor at all.

CBD Crystals

Last on this list, but certainly not the least, are CBD crystals. CBD crystals can be
used a variety of ways, but the most common are either vaping or dabbing them, just
like CBD vape oil.
There are many reasons why people love CBD crystals. One great benefit is how
potent they are. The ones from Pure Hemp Botanicals are 99% CBD and 1 gram only
costs $39.99! Therefore, they are by far the cheapest and most potent form of CBD.
Like CBD vape oil, crystals are extremely fast hitting, making you feel the effects
within seconds. Also like vape oil, they aren’t nearly as portable or discrete as some
of the other forms of CBD. Also, vaping and dabbing is harder on your lungs than
other methods, so crystals definitely aren’t for everyone.

No matter what preferences you have, we have a CBD Product Review for everyone at!